father’s day 2020 – a little later than planned!

My dad rocks.

Ok, I know pretty much everyone says that about their dad’s and they are entitled to that view, but to be honest, my dad’s the best!

dad 3

Seriously though, my dad has always been one of my favourite people and am so thankful I have a dad who understands me – and has always has done. Even at my lowest ebb, my dad was the one who I felt understood. I know my mum really tried but I hated hurting her with my sadness, whereas dad always took it in his stride – I may have hurt him in the same way but he never showed so ignorance is bliss really! – he made me feel like I wasn’t the odd one out, or the only one who felt totally lost. He made me feel strong and like I have always had an ally.

dad 1


My dad’s always taught me to try my best, no matter what I have done, or will do, I try and throw myself at it. He is encouraging, stubborn and incredibly kind. He doesn’t suffer fools but I know he’s always supported my mad cap schemes (so much so that it’s his money that paid for my skydive – every penny raised went to the charity) and I like to think I get some of my fearlessness from him.

family 4

I’ve been trying to write this for days, weeks even but have had real trouble putting into words what I feel about my dad, I don’t want to be overly soft, but I do feel it’s important to get your feelings out and I know that talking to my dad can be hard for me, never intentionally but i’ve always worried i’m not enough, for either of my parents and although I know they would both put me above pretty much everything else, it’s easier to get soppy like that with my mum than with my dad.

It’s been a pretty bad year really and I wanted to share some stories about my dad from my memory to show what a great person he is and also the little things that will always make me smile.

Theodore – This is Theodore. he has been my teddy since I was born – I dread to think how thrilled the nurses must’ve been to have this in the hospital! – to be honest, I’m not sure if he did actually come to the hospital or was simply waiting when I cam home but to me, Theodore is my best ted.  He was bought by Dad and named Theodore after the first Teddy Bear. He has been a fixture in bedrooms for almost my entire life, and it was only moving away from Spain which separated us. I know I have’t yet set him up here in my own home, I just need to work out where he can sit and it won’t look too weird!

dad 9

Fang – We’ve always had cats in my family – my mums a special cat lady! – but although dad was never unkind to animals, lets just say he wasn’t a fan that was until my mum adopted Fang when they lived in Spain. I had already moved back to the UK but Fang was “owned” by a spanish lady who lived across the way from us, and the Spanish are not really animal friendly so she was fed on crisps, and scraps, and just went from being pregnant to having kittens – which would be killed by the owner – back to pregnant again.

I can remember my mum deciding that no matter what, she was going to take the cat to be fixed, so even though her life wouldn’t be that great, at least it wouldn’t be torture but she told me that when she went to grab the cat, her owner was carrying the last set of kittens in a plastic bag to be thrown away. Apparently this woman took one of the deceased kittens out of the bag and started taunting the cat with it and from that moment, Fang was my mums. I know i’m lucky I wasn’t in Spain at the time, i’d have been done for assault of an old lady and that just doesn’t look good.

Anyway, it appears that Fang took a bit of a shine to my dad, and for the first time ever, I saw a cat who would rush upstairs when he came home, would sit and sleep on him, would sleep on him in bed and would generally be a pest until he showed her some affection. You may or may not be able to see that she definitely had some “boundary” issues.

fang and dad

Snowman – I was sure I had a pic of this somewhere but cannot find it. I can remember being 8 or 9 possible when there was a big ish snow in Lincolnshire where we lived. My dad and I were able to build a snowman which was bigger than me! Dad has always been amazing at doing things for me or with me, and i’m glad I got to do this, even in the UK snow like that isn’t that common so it was a real treat and something I will remember for the rest of my life. Best snowman ever!

When we went to Egypt a few years ago, we had this photo taken and it always makes me smile. It was a proper holiday with my parents and I saw many things that I doubt I will ever see again and am so lucky that I got to do this. They have both always encouraged me to be brave, travel and learn about the world, so seeing this with them was really special. Also, thanks for not selling me on dad! xx


My dad is stubborn and i’d like to think that’s where a lot of my drive comes from, I can remember at some point him using words like “you won’t be able to do that” in the kitchen and it made me more driven to actually do it – I cannot remember what it applied to, I mean, it feels weird to type that dad told me I couldn’t but that’s what my memory says. But thankfully his stubbornness has rubbed off on me so I will always try, and even if you fall, it’s important that you get back up and try again.

Once of my favourite things to do is walk through Paris with my dad, he lived there and spent some formative time there so it’s always lovely to see it through his eyes, to experience his life and also learn things I never would have known. Every time I’m in Paris I am so happy to be there and have those experiences – this has meant though that anytime any friends of mine say they are going, I cannot help but get far too excited and try to plan their entire time there so they don’t miss out! (Apologies friends).

It’a always a bonus when your dad’s a chef, I can always ring him and ask for advice or know that he will appreciate my forays into new experiments – he is a bread guru, one day I may be able to do bread like him, but for now, am just happy to be a tester!

My dad’s responsible for my food processor. I had a cheapy one i’d purchased and it broke, whilst I was preparing cakes and selling them as part of my little business and to be honest, the timing was pretty awful! I was talking with mum about it and asked for maybe a new one for Xmas or my birthday a few weeks later and thought nothing further about it. Until I got a call from my mum a Saturday morning asking if I was in as they were popping by. My flat at the time overlooked the bus stop and I looked out of the window and saw mum, followed by a GIANT Magimix box on legs. Turns out my dad wanted to buy me a gift and thought this would suit my needs. Honestly there are so many attachments / blades etc that I probably still haven’t used them all – I don’t tend to make smoothies for example! – but it’s fantastic and has indeed been a great addition to my kitchen.

dad 2

This was taken in Istanbul a few years ago, we went for my mum’s birthday and this was probably the first time I started using dad’s camera more, he has now gifted this to me and i’m currently loving walking around early morning and just capturing the local area – i’m pretty sure he’s cursed it though as i’m pretty sure i’ve never felt the need to photograph boats but I always come back with at least 1 pic!

There’s always so many more stories to tell about my dad but i’m going to stop for now. I just wanted to show how great my dad is and how lucky I know I am to have a dad like that.

Am off to see him today for lunch, I know this is late for actual fathers day but we’ve decided to be maverick and have a special day instead, which means it’ll probably be a grown up version of this – being the best dad since 1983.

dad 8

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