A little bit about me……

Hello There!

Welcome to my Half Baked Blog, started with the idea of being a good place to share news about my little business, share recipes i’ve tried and show new projects i’m taking on.

I started my little cottage industry a few years ago and have decided that whilst I will never be the new Mrs Kipling or Pandora, I love making and crafting and baking and wanted to do more things that make me happy.

Half Baked Productions is mainly myself making beaded jewellery and both sweet and savoury cooking, a weird mix but I’ve decided to do things which make me smile and help me become more comfortable with the person I am.

Luckily a fair few people agree and although I am starting small, we are hoping to be able to offer a new place for bespoke handmade jewellery and yummy bits and bobs (savouries and sweets!) for people to purchase as excellent gifts with a more personal touch.

The page that I currently run on Facebook will also be sharing pages and links to other crafters and small business owners that I know, so if you wanted to get your cottage industry out there, send me the link, I’m very happy to have such supportive friends and want to share the love so if you too are an eager crafter (professionally or just for fun) let me know. I’d love to have a look and pass on other people’s brilliance. 😀

So, have a look round, have a nosey, I will be sharing photos and things from my week, and also am always happy to receive feedback and suggestions, and please, if there’s anything you LOVE and must have, drop me a line 🙂